TP-Link Router Setup

TP-Link is one of the most popular brands in router and network devices. Along with the router it also provides WiFi Range Extender which is very helpful in case you want to increase the range of your TP-Link router.

Recently TP-Link has introduced a new Graphical interface for the router setup. If you just bought a TP-Link router then it will be very easy to set up it.

Before configuring the tp-link router make sure that you have active internet plans and it is not limited.

Before proceeding for tp-link router setup in your home or office make sure that you have the essential things which are going to require while the setup.

Here is the list of the essential thing which you are going to require. Make sure that you have all of them.

  1. A good working internet connection. (For connecting to the internet)
  2. Powerful modem.
  3. Powerful TP-Link Router as per your needs.
  4. LAN (Local Area Network) cables for making connection between modem, router and computer. (Not needed in case you are setting up router through tp-link mobile application)

If you fulfill all the aboive requirement then you are raedy for tp-link router setup.

There are two way to configure TP-link router. One with the web interface by using a computer with LAN connection and another is by using TP-Link Tether application from mobile.

Choose the one which is right for you. Both the methods are fast and listed with complete details to make your configuration instantly.

Follow this guide for TP-Link Router Setup –

1. Power on your TP-Link Router

2. Connect TP-Link router to the PC with the help of Ethernet Cable or WiFI. (You can find default WiFi password at bottom or router which is encrypted with WEP protocol).

3. Once the router is connected to the PC, open browser and go to or

TP-Link Router Setup

Note the IP Address may vary from model to mode, here is the list of default router IP addresses.

4. Enter the username as Admin and password as Admin and hit the enter button to log in TP-Link router admin panel.

5. Now click on the Quick Setup button present at the left sidebar of the routers configuration page.

TP-Link Router Quick Setup

6. Click on the Continue to run the Network Setup Wizard.

7. Now choose the Wireless Router in Operation Mode and click on the Next button.

TP-Link Wireless Router Setup Guide

8. Choose WAN Connection Type. If you don’t know your connection type then ask your ISP or select Auto Detect and click on the Next button.

How to Setup TP-Link Router Instantly

9. Now enter your connection username and password provide by your ISP and click on the next button to finish the tp-link router setup.

Setup TP Link Router Instantly Under 5 Minutes

If you don’t have a computer and LAN cables then also you can easily setup your newly brought TP-Link router. Thanks to the TP-Link team for building Tether from which you can setup your router from mobile easily.

Before proceeding to the below guide make sure that your router is compatible with tether, click here.

Follow this guide to setup TP-Link router using Tether app –

1. Download the TP-Link tether application from the play store.

2. Once downloaded, connect your smartphone to the TP-Link router using wireless connection.

Note:  Your router’s default network name and password are printed on the label located on the bottom or back of your router.

3. Open the Tether app and tap on the router icon under local devices.

How to Configure TP-Link Router Using Tether App

4. You may be prompted to log in or change the password. Default router username and password is admin.

TP-Link Router Login Username and Password

5. Quick Setup should auto-launch. Now Choose your Internet Connection Type and tap “Next”.

Setup TP-Link Router Using Tether

6. Now configure your wireless network name and password and click on the save button.

TP-Link Router Setup Instantly Using Mobile App

7. Wait for the changes to be saved once done click on the finish button. That’s it, congrats you have successfully setup TP-Link router using tether app.

Configuring TP Link Router Using Tether


Which is the best and fast method to set up a TP-link router?

Both the method are super easy and are require a very less time to configure the router and make it go. You can choose the anyone which you want.

How many users can be connected to TP-Link wireless connection?

You can connect as much as users you want using the WiFi. But remember every user connected to the router affect your internet speed.

Is it safe to upgrade the router to the latest build version?

For the better security and performance improvement you should always upgrade your router to the latest build.

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