Static VS Dynamic IP Address Difference & Which is Best?

Have you just got an internet connection but are a little bit confused about the IP address? Lets me clear your doubts. Whenever you sign up for an internet connection you will end up with a static or dynamic IP address.

Well, bot of this IP address doesn’t mean anything for a person looking only for a good and high-speed internet connection. But if concerned about which IP address is best among static vs dynamic IP addresses then you are at the right place.

In this article, I am going to discuss the difference between static and dynamic IP addresses and which is best for an ordinary user, and how they affect your daily usages.

But before we move ahead let’s take a look at what an IP address is.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address stands for Internet Protocol. Whenever you buy a networking device means a device that can connect with the network whether it is a local network or a live network with multiple devices connected.

An IP address is automatically assigned to these devices connected with the network. For example, you connect your computer with the internet, this IP address is assigned by your ISP to you. This may be a static IP address or a dynamic IP address.

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Basically most of the time when anyone signup for an internet connection the chances of getting the dynamic IP address are high. Because it is widely used and also low cost.

Do you want to know which IP address do you have? Here is a way to check that.

Go to whatismyipaddress and you will see your IP on the page. Just click on show detailed information and you will see whether your IP is static or dynamic.

Dynamic IP

Static Vs Dynamic IP Address Difference

Dynamic IP means the constantly changing IP address. This is not a more powerful IP address but changes with every connection you make or switch on-off your device.

This IP is very cost-effective and provides good security for normal users. Most of the ISPs in today’s world provide dynamic IP addresses because of one reason that is cost-effective.

And whatever the Ip you have you will not notice any difference in your internet connection and speed.

Advanatges of Dynamic IP Address:

  • It is cost-effective and doesn’t cost you extra as compared to static.
  • It’s carefree, automatic, and reliable with very little work on your end.
  • For your ISP this is the most efficient IP address.
  • GPS service is less inaccurate but overall good.

Static IP

Static IP Address Example
Fig. Static IP Address

Static IP means the IP which does not change and remains stable and unchanged all the time when connecting to the internet.

A static IP address is more costly as compared to the dynamic IP address and this is the reason why most of the internet service provider provides you a dynamic IP address instead of a static.

Static IP is good for the developers and security firms who do not want their IP to be changed. As per a report by, a Static IP hardly costs $1.25/month.

Advantages of Static IP Address

  • Most suitable for the business.
  • IP address does not change and remains stable all the time.
  • Provide better security.
  • Good for creating the hosting and servers.
  • Geo-location services work accurately with static IP.

Static VS Dynamic IP Address Difference

So till now, you have known what is static IP and what is a dynamic IP address. So let’s move ahead and check out the point-to-point difference between static vs dynamic IP addresses.

Sr. No.Key DifferenceStatic IP AddressDynamic IP Address
1ProviderISP Provides the static IP address from their own.DHCP is used to generate dynamic IP addresses for the client.
2StabilityStatic IP Addresses remain stable and unchanged all the time.Dynamic IP addresses are less stable and constantly changes.
3SecurityStatic IP addresses are less secure and one can easily track down you with IP.While the dynamic IP address is more secure hence there are constantly changing.
So it’s very difficult for one to track you down.
4DesignationStatic IP addresses are difficult to reassign.Dynamic IP addresses are easy to reassign.
5CostlyA static IP address is costly to use.A dynamic IP address is cheaper for use.
6UsesFor server, industrial work, networking industry.Normal residence and office use.
7ExampleServers like Google, Yahoo, etc.Smartphones, Data Cards.
Static Vs Dynamic IP Address

The above-listed difference is the most common difference between static and dynamic IP addresses. Now you know that which IP is beneficial for you and why should you opt for one.

Normally a dynamic IP address is well suited for normal internet users like you. A static IP address is more costly and only suited where a person or entity does not want to changes their IP.

We at 19216801 use static IP addresses because of security reasons of our servers. But that doesn’t mean that a dynamic IP address is not worth it. They are still a good choice.

If you ask us to choose between static vs dynamic IP addresses. We will highly recommend you to opt for dynamic as it is cheap and constantly changes.

Which IP Address is Best?

Well, the question is answered in the above post itself. If you are one who just only needs a high-speed internet connection to watch movies, surf the internet and do some fun things that usually do then a dynamic IP Address is the best choice for you.

But if you want to do some networking-related task like setting up a personal server or using some security features that work only on static IP addresses then you should opt for a static IP address.

How to Keep IP Address Private?

How to Keep IP Address Private

Your ISP indeed controls your IP address but still, there are some ways through which you can keep your IP address private from the world.

The most simple and efficient way is to use a public hotspot. This will hide your original IP address and show your own IP address. This is the most common method you can try out at most public places like restaurants, train stations, airports, etc.

Another method includes paid service like a VPN service. VPN hides your IP address and provides their IP virtual IP address. This also has some powerful benefits like security and logs.

Even your ISP can not track down and see your activity because your connection is secured with an end-to-end encryption mode using VPN.

Some of the popular VPN are ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, Surfshark, Tunnel Bear.


How to get a static IP address?

Contact your ISP and ask them for a static IP address and they will provide it for little additional charges starting from $1.25.

How to get a dynamic IP address?

Signup for any internet service provider or buy a new mobile connection you will get a dynamic IP address for free until your plans expire.


An IP address is just like your footprints which reside in the places which you visit on the internet. One can easily know that you have visited their service by IP address. Dynamic IP addresses are good because they are cheap and untraceable.

While static IP on the other hand is good for developers and server provides. Bot this IP address is widely used in the internet world. But in the case of the majority dynamic IP beats the static one with a large volume difference.

If you found the article static vs dynamic IP address difference really helpful then don’t forget to share it with others.

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