Netgear Router Setup

Netgear is the most trusted brand in the field of routers. There are multiple way through which you can setup your netgear router. Configuration of the netgear router is very easy just like others routers.

You can also use your android phone to setup Netgear router with Nighthawk app which is more faster then web interface method.

How to Setup Netgear Router using Web Interface

Follow this guide to set up Netgear Router using Web Interface –

1. Connect the Router with the Modem and PC using the Ethernet cable as shown in below image.

2. Now power on the Router the LED on router will light.

3. Open any web browser and go to the web address

4. Log in to router by entering default username as admin and default password as password.

5. Click on the advanced button and then click on Setup wizard.

6. Select the radio button and click on the next button. Now router will detect your internet connection.

7. Once the router detect the internet connection it will prompt you to login in to ISP server using username and password. Here type the username and password provided by the ISP.

8. Now click on the Login button and complete the setup process.

9. As soon as you complete the setup procees Firmware Update Assistant page will display. If a firmware update is not available then click on ok to close setup wizard.

10. If a firmware update is available then complete the firmware update. It will take some time and after the upgrade is done the router will reboot automatically.

Netgear Router Setup – Watch Video:

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