D-Link Router Setup

Have you purchased a new d-link router, if yes then it’s time to configure the d-link router? Once the router is configured then you can connect to the internet with a LAN cable or with a WiFi connection.

With the router setup, we are also going to set the WiFi connection by providing SSID and password. Before proceeding make sure that your router is connected to the PC with an Ethernet cable.

How to Setup D-Link Router in 2021

1. Power on your D-Link router.

2. Connect the D-Link router to the PC with the help of an Ethernet Cable or WiFI. (You can find the default wifi password at the bottom or router which is encrypted with WEP protocol).

3. Once the router is connected to the PC, open the browser and go to or

Note the IP Address may vary from model to mode, here is the list of default router IP addresses.

4. A login page will prompt once you type and hit the IP address in the URL bar. Now enter your router’s username and password.

5. Now, you can configure and set up your router using theĀ Internet Connection Setup Wizard.

6. Under the WAN setup choose connection type: DHCP/PPPoE and enter the Username and password which you got from the ISP.

7. Click on save and connect and you will now have internet access. To share the internet you can also set up WiFi.

8. Under the Wireless setup type the SSID name and password and hit the save button.

Congrats, your D-Link router has been setup successfully and you are ready to use the internet.

To use the internet you can use the WiFi option to connect wirelessly or you can connect an Ethernet cable to your PC with the router.

D-Link Router Setup – Watch Video:

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