is an IP Adress used by routers and many IoT devices on the local network. This can be used to change the wifi password or to set up a new router. It can also be used to connect other devices pon the same network.

Once you are logged in to your network control panel you can manage all the settings related to network, security protocol, and a firewall. From here you can disconnect an already connected user to network or tighten the network security.

Similarly while setup up your router for the first time or troubleshooting the connection of your router you will need to log in gateway. So how to login to the routers admin page?

How to Login to

In order to login to you need to connect yourself to the local network. Then enter the default IP gateway from any browser and you will be redirected to the network control panel.

Here is the guide on how to login to default gateway?

Step 1. First of all make sure that your device is connected to the router using an ethernet cable. If you don’t know how to make a router connection to PC see the image below.

How Routers Connection Are Done?

Step 2. Once your router is connected to the PC, power on the router and your device.

Step 3. Open any web browser and type in the address bar and hit enter. Admin Login

Step 4. Now enter your router’s username and password to login to the router admin page. (Check out the list of default router username and password) Login

Congrats, you are on routers admin page now you can set up your router or manage other router settings from here. Control is all yours.

Routers Using as Default IP Address

There are many routers and other it device is available that can be connected to the local network using a private IP address. This private IP address is limited to local networks only.

Depending upon the router manufacturer there are many routers that have as a default IP address to access the routers admin page. Here are some well-known routers that use this IP as a default gateway.

AlcatelNetopia CaymanBillion

Apart from there’s are many default IP gateways such as or which are also used to access the router admin page of popular routers like TP-Link, D-Link, and Netgear.

How to Find Routers IP Address

If you don’t know your router’s IP address then you can always look at the bottom of the router. Along with the routers’ IP address, the router username and password are also printed on the sticker.

D-Link Defaulyt Username & password

If due to some reason the sticker has been wiped off and you can find your routers IP address then here is the list of routers default IP address.


Before logging to the router admin page make sure that you are typing a correct default IP address for the routers. Most of the users mistype the IP address and face many problems like too much time to connecting or page not found error.

So always check the IP address and also once you set up the router make the backup of router setting so that in future you don’t need to go through a long setup process. You can easily import all router settings through an exported file.

To have a good and high-speed internet connection always update the router to the latest firmware version. This will help to remove bugs and security loopholes in the router and wifi connection.

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